How do "GoPacks" work?
At GoTo we make it veeery easy for you to travel more for less! With our GoTo credit packages you can drive with up to 40% off!.
  • Open your App and go to the "Packs" section
    You can find our credit packages (GoPacks) in the "packs" section in the app menu.
  • Select your GoPack
    You will find two types of pack:
    Pack 40: you pay 40€ and get 50€
    Pack 100: you pay 100€ and get 130€
  • Click and buy
    Select the pack that best suits you, click and buy from the App (your credit will be applied instantly in the "My credit" section).
Where do I find them in the APP?
Types of Packages
GoPacks 40 and 100
Our famous GoPacks 40 and 100. You can find them regularly in our App and buy them at any time. They will be charged in your account and have up to 5 month expiration.
Be a GoTo user in any of our Plans (START, SMART or SMART+)
Our GoPacks do not discriminate against anyone, you can enjoy them in any of our modalities! Also, the credits are multimodal so you can use them inall of our GoTo cars.
Limited duration
Be aware of time! Packages are valid for 2 months (Pack 40) and 5 months (Pack 100).
Applicable in time, not in distance
GoPack credits are applied ONLY in time. KM are not included. Pay special attention to your roundtrip reservations.
Not refundable or exchangeable
This credits will be used for rides only. Pack credits are not valid to pay the Smart, Smart Plus subscription fee or travel insurances. Also all packes are for the designated account and refund is not applicable.
They can only be purchased through the App
They can only be purchased through the official GoTo App.
If you still have questions, send us an email to or call us at +34 915 064 279 and we will be happy to help you. Be goter my friend!